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With its temperate climate, many of Prince Rupert’s trails remain open year round, providing residents with numerous opportunities to get outside and enjoy anything from a casual stroll to a challenging hike with options for every ability level in between.

Tall Trees Trail

Distance: 7.7 km
Difficulty Level: Moderate to Moderately Difficult
Located just outside of Prince Rupert along Highway 16, Tall Trees Trail a somewhat challenging hike through lush rainforests. It is best used from May through October and offers opportunities to see wildlife and amazing view from the top.

McClymont Park Trail

Distance: 1.6 kms
Difficulty Level: Moderate
McClymont Park Trail is a great choice if you’re looking for a moderate hike with a substantial reward. This 1.6 km, well-maintained route winds along Hays Creek, through old-growth forests, past Indigenous totems, then climbs to an incredible view over Cow Bay.

Kiwanis Trail

Distance: 10 kms
Difficulty Level: Difficult
The Kiwanis Trail on Mt. Hays is definitely a workout, but well worth it. If you’re on foot, stay to the right, as the trail to the left is for mountain biking. The path climbs up through dense forests to subalpine meadows, across an old boardwalk to a beautiful summit featuring panoramic views across to Haida Gwaii.

Butze Rapids Trail

Distance: 5.4 kms
Difficulty Level: Easy
Only 10 minutes from Prince Rupert, the Butze Rapids Interpretive Trail a popular choice among residents of all ages. It’s an easy and very scenic loop to a beautiful waterway that puts on a natural reversing tidal rapids show at high and low tide. Pack your swimsuit for an extremely “refreshing” dip at the end.

Rushbrook Trail

Distance: 1.2 kms
Difficulty Level: Easy
The Rushbrook Trail is a beautiful, groomed path along the water between Cow Bay and Seal Cove. Right in town, it’s easily accessible, making it a favourite for the many dog owners living in Prince Rupert.

Moresby Trail

Distance : 1.8 miles
Difficulty Level : EasyChoose a path and choose your next adventure.
Located on the west side of Prince Rupert, the Moresby Trail features a small creek and marshy pond with trails running along each side and paths connecting to neighbouring residential streets. A section of the trail passes three WW2 naval bunker fuel tanks, which have been all but hidden by overgrowth.

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